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Research: Inclusive Mediation and Conflict Prevention: The Finnish Model

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Press release 100/2018
Research: Inclusive Mediation and Conflict Prevention: The Finnish Model

This research showed how supporting the work of local women peace actors in conflict zones within innovative Finnish collaborative framework enhances Finland’s comprehensive crisis management capacity. In Finland, there is a productive, trust-based coexistence and cooperation between the strong Finnish NGO actors that focus on mediation and peacemaking and the Finnish state.

The project examined inclusive mediation, the role of local women’s organizations in conflict resolution, and the work Finnish NGOs that focuses on mediation and peacemaking and that are supported by the Finnish government. It consisted of two complementary case studies, namely Burundi and Colombia, and examined the role of local women’s NGOs in different phases of the mediation and conflict resolution continuum, from prevention to post-conflict peace accord implementation and reconstruction. It studied how such organizations contribute to comprehensive, sustainable, inclusive and participatory peace processes. It also identified the ways in which inclusivity and women’s participatory engagement is present in the work of the Finnish NGOs, and where are the most feasible entry-points to peace processes.

The support for local women’s peace organizations in conflict zones is important as the organizations carry out their work during the various phases of the conflict cycle. Their work represents continuity, persistence, long-term presence, and resilience. The research shows that strength and resilience of the women’s groups derive from their ability to be present at different geographical scales and in different population sectors at the same time and vary their strategies accordingly.

Enhancing the Finnish way in mediation and conflict prevention as represented by the NGOs requires comprehensive understanding of mediation as well as investment in preventive mediation capacity. Creating preventive mediation capacity necessitates comprehensive funding instruments where peacebuilding is supported by development interventions. The strengths of the Finnish society allow to support training and educating local mediation trainers as well as to provide IT support for local women’s groups. 

The research was conducted in the Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI) at the University of Tampere. The research was a part of Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities research 2017. The steering committed of the project consisted of representatives from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence.

Inclusive Mediation and Conflict Prevention: The Finnish Model –report

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