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Report: Transformation of working life requires long-term solutions

Government Communications Department 5.4.2018 9.00
Press release 165/2018

The forms of work and employment relationships are diversifying, which requires long-term societal solutions in legislation, social security and education. It is easy to name challenges related to the future of work, but a complex phenomenon such as the transformation of work is not easily turned into policy measures and concrete solutions. This is stated in the background document published on 5 April. The report "Pitkän aikavälin politiikalla läpi murroksen - tahtotiloja työn tulevaisuudesta" on the long-term policy for steering Finland through the transformation looks at the future of work, the needs in decision-making and societal solutions.

The transformation of work is a complex phenomenon causing tensions in the organisation of work, its content, competences, income and the meaning of work. Work is becoming less dependent on time and place, but the pace of changes varies by sector. Technology will increasingly replace routine work tasks, which will lead to changes in job descriptions. Flexibility will increase in the labour markets and in the entire working life, supporting the autonomy of the individual, but it will also create uncertainty about income.

However, it is possible to steer the change with the help of a shared long-term mindset. Social security such as a basic income and providing support for transitions from one work category to another could be solutions to the transformation. In education, the importance of teaching meta skills to all year groups is emphasised. Also, a high-quality system for lifelong learning covering the whole population is required in education.

The report also proposes an operating model that will enable continuing long-term discussion about the future of work. The views in the report are based on interviews with experts and decision-makers, workshops and a demographic survey.

The report was compiled as part of the Työn murros ('Transformation of work') project that was launched in August 2017. The project was implemented jointly by the thinktank Demos Helsinki and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. Other participants in the project were experts Juha Honkatukia (National Institute for Health and Welfare), Anu Järvensivu (Simppelisti Oy), Heikki Hiilamo and Ville-Veikko Pulkka (University of Helsinki). The project is part of the implementation of the Government's analysis, assessment and research activities.

The report (in Finnish)

The report will serve as a background document for the second part of the Government Report on the Future, which is to be submitted to Parliament in summer 2018.

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