Applying for funding

Invitation to tender for government analysis, assessment and research activities is based on the Government's annual plan for analysis, assessment and research.

The studies and research projects are put out to open tender. Tenders are invited from various organisations, such as universities and polytechnics, research institutes, companies and organisations, or consortia formed by these, including international organisations. The funds are awarded to host organisations only, not to individuals.

The application process is divided into themes selected jointly by different branches of government. Experts in the ministries weigh up the applications and make a proposal to the Prime Minister's Office on which projects could be chosen. The selection criteria are relevance, impact, applicability, quality and feasibility.

The Prime Minister's Office takes the decisions on the execution of analysis, assessment and research projects, draws up the contracts and monitors project progress together with the steering groups appointed for each project.

The funding is a full-cost appropriation, so no own funding is required.