Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities

The joint analysis, assessment and research activities, coordinated by the Government, generate information that supports decision making, working practices and management by knowledge.

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COVID-19 research review provides Finnish decision-makers with up-to-date insights into science on the pandemic

14.4.2021 12.18
In August 2020, the Prime Minister’s Office launched a new tool intended to enhance the transmission of the latest research results on COVID-19 to decision-makers and government officials and to provide them with a cumulative outlook on current research. In the COVID-19 research review, a group of leading Finnish researchers from different fields compile and comment on the latest research findings related to COVID-19 from Finland and around the world.

Research-based knowledge and solutions to support decision-making

8.8.2019 14.19

Our world is changing constantly. Decision-makers must often tackle complex challenges. To find the right solutions, they need diverse, high-quality information. Research on major topical issues sheds light on them and identifies alternative solutions and this supports decision-making.

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Government plan for analysis, assessment and research

23.11.2017 15.23

The objective of the Government plan for analysis, assessment and research that underpins decision making is to ensure that there is a strong and horizontal knowledge base to support decision making in society.