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Current issues

  • 3.11.2023|9:16

    Study: Discussion on status of English in Finland needs new direction

    A recent study coordinated by the University of Eastern Finland examines the status of English in three areas of Finnish society: public administration, higher education and the business sector. According to its findings, there are currently very few signs that Finland’s national languages – Finnish and Swedish – are becoming marginalised in Finland. While the public debate has focused on the idea that English threatens the position of the national languages in Finland, the study does not corroborate this observation.

  • 6.10.2023|9:36

    Report: Number of Finns in EU positions at risk of collapse – situation difficult to rectify through national measures alone

    Finland and the other Nordic countries risk becoming underrepresented among the official staff in EU institutions. Concerns were raised about the issue in a report published on 6 October comparing the measures taken by certain Member States to promote their citizens’ careers in the EU. According to the report, national efforts alone will not be enough to rectify the situation over the short or medium term.

  • Kuva Afganistanin kriisinhallintaoperaatiosta

    Study on lessons learned from Afghanistan: Adaptive and comprehensive crisis management should be Finland’s goal

    The operations carried out in Afghanistan between 2002 and 2021 were some of Finland's most demanding crisis management tasks. A new study examines the effectiveness of Finland’s crisis management operations in Afghanistan from various perspectives and presents recommendations on assessing the impact of comprehensive crisis management.