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Current issues

  • 11.1.2023|10:34

    Parliamentary RDI working group requests comments on R&D funding plan and invites stakeholders to discuss the plan on 18 January

    The Parliamentary Working Group on Research, Development and Innovation has prepared a draft for a multi-annual plan on the use of R&D funding and is now inviting stakeholders to comment on its content. The request for comments concerns the different aspects of the plan with regard to the Finnish RDI system and key development needs for RDI funding. Stakeholders are also invited to discuss the plan at an event on 18 January.

  • 11.1.2023|9:48

    Pilot: Text messages encourage young people to vote in elections

    Text messages reminding young people to vote increased their voter turnout in the county elections held in January 2022. This is according to a pilot study carried out by the Ministry of Justice, the behavioural science working group at the Prime Minister’s Office and the University of Turku in connection with the elections.

  • 16.12.2022|10:58

    December Citizens’ Pulse: Almost half of all young people are experiencing stress

    In the December round of the Citizens’ Pulse Survey commissioned by the Government, young people reported the highest levels of stress recorded in the survey to date. All in all, 49 per cent of 15–29-year-olds reported experiencing fairly or very high levels of stress. The proportion of young people experiencing a great deal of stress has approximately doubled since early autumn 2020.