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The Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities generate information to support decision-making, operations and knowledge management

Current issues

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  • 15.2.2019|9:03

    Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities
    Report: Special efforts needed to improve the recycling of biowaste and plastics

    The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE has studied how the recycling of municipal waste could be made more efficient in a way that suits the Finnish conditions. The study was based on the European Commission recommendations, according to which measures such as clarification of responsibilities for waste management and more cooperation among the operators is needed to raise the recycling rate in Finland. Reaching the recycling targets requires significant changes to the current system.

  • 10.1.2017|9:32

    Study: Integration of health and social services lacks comprehensiveness

    A comprehensive integration of services and information systems in healthcare and social welfare is the most important objective of the health and social services reform. Achieving the reform objectives requires that, in addition to structural reforms, integration is advanced especially from the perspectives of clients and employees.

  • 2.12.2016|12:09

    New regional service models guarantee availability of health and social services

    Urbanisation will continue, and health and social services will probably be increasingly concentrated in growth centres. To prevent regional differences from escalating, service solutions must be customised by region. Services in smaller communities can be guaranteed by leveraging new service concepts and with regional cooperation. Centralisation of hospital services will improve productivity and save on costs.