Foresight panel

A foresight panel operates in connection with the working group that coordinates government analysis, assessment and research activities. The panel coordinates the government’s joint foresight activities and serves as a cooperation network for the ministries in their work related to preparation of the Government foresight report.

Objectives and tasks

The objective of the working group is to consolidate the work and coordination of joint foresight activities in government. The panel communicates and liaises in government in matters related to foresight and participates in the formulation of the Government foresight report.

The panel and its members tasks are to:

  • advance processes related to foresight activities in their ministries;
  • coordinate the preparation of the ministries’ futures reviews;
  • communicate foresight information in their ministries and the ministry’s administrative branch;
  • identify foresight needs;
  • engage their ministries in the formulation of the foresight report in ways that will be determined separately; and
  • submit a proposal for each government term for coordinating the drafting of a description of the context of operations or other foresight work as the basis for the futures reviews of the ministries.



Jouni Varanka, Prime Minister’s Office,

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Ossi Piironen

Ministry of Justice

Venla Salmi

Ministry of the Interior

Leena Seitovirta

Ministry of Defence

Terhi Ylitalo

Ministry of Finance

Markus Rahkola

Ministry of Education and Culture

Tomi Halonen

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Elina Nikkola

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Johanna Särkijärvi

Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Tiina Tikka

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Riikka Pellikka

Ministry of the Environment

Tanja Suni

Permanent experts

Jaana Tapanainen-Thiess, Prime Minister’s Office

Kaisa Oksanen, Prime Minister's Office


Jenni Lahtinen, Prime Minister's Office