Government plan for analysis, assessment and research

The objective of the Government plan for analysis, assessment and research that underpins decision making is to ensure that there is a strong and horizontal knowledge base to support decision making in society.

Many of the challenges facing society are highly complex and affect different branches of government. To respond to these challenges, it is necessary to transcend administrative boundaries and generate research, foresight and assessment data that will effectively serve the needs of the entire spectrum of activities.

The plan steers the studies and research selected by the Government towards specific priority areas that are relevant to the work of the Government and the ministries.

The aim of the plan is to create a basis for systematic and broad-based use of research data in decision making in Government and the ministries, and to strengthen the knowledge base that the Government and the ministries use in decision making, knowledge-based policy and overall strategic insight.

The plan addresses the priority areas/topics for analysis, assessment and research and includes financial estimates and relevant responsibilities for preparation and guidance.
The research subjects are clearly linked to the information needs and topics in the Government’s decision-making processes. Part of the appropriations are reserved for urgent analysis and research needs for policy decisions that may arise at a later stage.