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International talent in companies’ innovation activity and internationalisation

Publication date 6.3.2017 15.22
News item

A study of good practices of international talent as driver of innovative companies’ growth and internationalisation is launched as part of Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities in 2017. National good practices are studied in four countries: Denmark, Netherlands, Austria and Canada.

The study relates to Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s Growth from international talent –agenda, which fosters immigration of foreign talent and their integration to Finnish business life.

Capitalising on highly skilled immigrants in business life and multiplicity of working culture expands Finnish innovation and skill reserves. Better utilisation of expertise of international talent, for instance their foreign market knowledge, would improve companies’ international growth. Given that Finland competes of global talent, talent attraction and retention as well as immigrants integration to Finnish business life are to be developed.

The study compares good practices of studied countries and produces a summary of their applicability to Finland. Company focus group interviews will be organised for example in Growth from international talent- agenda’s events. The study started in February 2017 and finishes in the end of the year.

Additional information: Senior specialist Laura Lindeman, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, laura.lindeman (at) and project manager Nina Rilla, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.,  nina.rilla (at)