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Prime Minister’s Office, PO Box 23, FI-00023 Government, Finland
Registry: kirjaamo(at)


Prime Minister’s Office, Government Strategy Department: [email protected]

The Data Protection Ombudsman monitors compliance with the data protection legislation in Finland. Further information about your right to data protection is available on the website of the Data Protection Ombudsman at:

Contact person in matters concerning the register

Sari Löytökorpi, Chief Specialist
Prime Minister’s Office, Government Strategy Department, tel. +358 295 160187

Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer Tomi Lindholm
Prime Minister’s Office, Government Administration Department

Privacy policy for the Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities

The Government adopts a plan for analysis, assessment and research annually that underpins policy decision making and steers analysis, assessment and research activities towards specific priority areas selected by the Government.

The Prime Minister’s Office is tasked with implementing the plan by means of an open application procedure (Government Decree amending the Government Decree on the rules of procedure of the Prime Minister’s Office 786/2018, section 4a Duties of the Government Strategy Department).

Therefore, to comply with its statutory obligations, the authority is required to process personal data when conducting its activities.

Processing of personal data

Personal data are only stored for justified reasons. As a rule, the data are needed for providing services and for communication. The use of the services is voluntary, and the personal data provided are not processed for any purposes other than those indicated.

The data is processed by the persons maintaining the contents of the service in the Government Strategy Department, as well as by cooperation partners and their subcontractors who produce the service. The Prime Minister’s Office has agreed on the processing of personal data with these bodies in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

As a user of services, you have the right to know what data we store about you and who processes your data. In addition, you can also check the data we have collected about you and update it, if necessary.

If you need more information concerning the processing of your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Stored personal data