Reaching the waste recycling targets requires significant actions

One of the key projects of Juha Sipilä’s Government Programme is raising the recycling rate of municipal waste up to 50%. The target is consistent with the recycling targets for municipal waste set in the Waste Framework Directive of the European Union and the Finnish Waste Decree. According to the Waste Framework Directive and the Finnish Waste Decree, the target also involves recovering 70% of construction waste as material. The target applies t construction and demolition waste. Soil and rock materials removed from bedrock or the ground and hazardous waste have been excluded. According to the Waste Framework Directive, the targets should be reached by 2020.

The project ‘Targeted methods for increasing recycling’ (Kohdennetut keinot kierrätyksen kasvuun) has been executed as part of the implementation of the Government’s plan for analysis, assessment and research for 2016.