Assessing and monitoring hydrometeorological and climate risk is an investment in safety and well-being

An efficient governance model for weather and climate risk assessments

In a constantly changing world, the management of hydro-meteorological and climatic risks can be improved by introducing a common governance model for climate risk assessments. The proposed model uses timely and coherent information on societal development, hazards, exposure and vulnerability. This information is synthesized into climate risk assessments that are updated at regular intervals.

The governance model strengthens the base of a safe and functioning society and improves adaptation to climate change because it
• provides a comprehensive knowledge base for the management of hydrometeorological and climate risks and reduces their economic, health and environmental impacts;
• harmonizes climate risk assessments in different administrative sectors;
• provides a means of coordinating climate risk and other risk assessments;
• is suitable for different levels of administration and different actors and
• supports national and international reporting.