Domestic violence increases the use and costs of services

It is important for health, social and legal services (incl. the police) to recognise domestic violence and intervene in it

The research project examined the use and costs of services domestic violence causes in health, social and legal services. The data examined comprised the client registers of health care, shelters, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) and the police, and a population survey. Based on the results, domestic violence must be intervened in more effectively to reduce the human suffering caused by the violence and its costs to society. Preventing domestic violence and intervening in it require structures to be laid down in legislation. Effective treatment and service packages must be available to the victims of violence, the perpetrators and the children exposed to violence. Domestic violence training must be increased in health and social services and in the basic education qualifying for the sector. The observed domestic violence must be recorded systematically in the client systems of the police and social welfare and health care. A population survey on domestic violence and getting help must be carried out regularly.